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JC Multi-Media Network of Greater Boston

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The JC Multi-Media Networking Group's primary purpose is to produce Christian documentaries, movies and teachings for both Internet radio and cable television, and to pray for the new endeavors of Christians in the media and film industry in the Greater Boston area.   We are also a Christian networking group affiliated with the JC Doc Group of Los Angeles located in Hollywood, California


Inspired by Karen S. Meissner, Founder and Director of the JC Doc Group of Los Angeles, the JC Multi-Media Networking of Boston welcomes directors, producers, writers, editors, camera people, researchers, production assistants, radio programmers with experience in computer tech as it relates to production and editing, crew, distributors, financiers, etc., as well as those who are genuinely interested in the multi-media ministry – including media and film students.


In January of 2006, the Canniffs began exploring the possibility of a JC Multi-Media group in the Boston area. This sparked the interest of several people who conduct their Christian ministries in this part of New England.  As a result, WSCIRO - Seek Christian Internet Radio Outreach was born.


As Christians who have a heart for Jesus (Yeshua), and knowing that we are a minority within the entertainment community, we feel it is especially important to promote unity and strength for those who have been called to be a light in this spiritually dark industry.  With this calling comes an equally unique set of challenges.


Toward that end, our group is designed to provide the following:



  • Networking among those who share Biblical/Conservative perspective


  • Technological and creative support in outreach production


  • A confidential environment in which to share ideas


  • A pool of talent and resources for directors, producers and companies who wish to staff a production on Internet Radio, Public Access Television, etc.


  • An opportunity for students to meet professionals who work in the field that they would like to enter into after graduation


  • Occasional guest speakers addressing topics relevant to our goals and interests relating to the media industry.


  • Mutual encouragement and support


  • Hospitality in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere




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Seek Christian Teaching & Worship Center, Inc. is a 501 (C3) Non-Profit Tax Exempt Public Charity.  Donations received will go towards funding christian missions and christian outreach ministries both overseas and in the United States. Other unspecified donation amounts will go towards defraying the administrative costs of Seek Christian Teaching & Worship Center, Inc.  Thankyou, very much and May God Richly Bless you for your patronage.

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Dr. Shirley Canniff, M.Ed./Div and
Seek Christian Teaching & Worship Center, Inc.

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